Education Perfect Digital Technologies and the NSW Syllabus

Digital technologies aims to teach students critical, creative thinking skills; skills that can be utilised to help students work collaboratively in a rapidly changing world. 

Education Perfect digital technologies is an online learning resource with scaffolded, curriculum aligned smart lessons. Lessons are designed to encourage a growth mindset, to allow a flipped learning approach and to support teachers in how they teach digital technologies around Australia. 

These lessons aim to support students learning digital technologies with highly scaffolded, engaging learning experiences.

For full details, check out the PDF below:

How do I cheer people on?
How do my students log in to Education Perfect?
How do I send a shoutout?
How can my students turn off the countdown timers?
How can I create or edit a translation list from the Student Zone?
How can my students change their password or email address?
How do I change my background theme?
How can I see the work I've done?
How do I change my avatar?
How do I cancel my personal learner subscription?
How does Peer Review work for students?
World Series Scoreboards
How can my students pin their frequently-used subjects?
How does Peer Review work for students?
How does Speaking mode work in vocab lists?
How do students see feedback on their self-marked work?
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