Getting Started for Canada: Assign work to students

Once you have added some classes and students, the next step is to set your work for students to complete.

Find content

First, navigate to the Content tab.

Use the search bar to locate specific topics or activities, or browse the folders containing curriculum-aligned resources.

content library with search bar shown

Click into your chosen resource to preview it, then click the Assign button.

For now, click the Task option (we'll come back to Assessments later), and you’ll be asked to choose some settings.

Assign work

Choose your settings in the options that appear.

  • Select classes: Choose which class(es) to assign the work to.
  • Set dates: The default is 7 days.
  • Select content: Adjust the content you selected, or change the Task name.
  • Options: Leave these as default, or choose some specific options.

Need a detailed overview? Check out our full guide.

Once you’re ready, click Assign. The work has now been set, and you'll be taken straight to the live Task.

When you need to look at student progress later, the work you've set will now show up within the Tasks tab of your dashboard.

What's next? Your students need to log in and complete some work.

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