Getting Started for Canada: Student experience

Once work has been assigned, students can log in and complete it.

Log in

Once they have been added to EP, students (if they have an email attached to their account) will be invited to log in and set a secure password.

If they don't have an email, they'll need to log in using their provided username and password.

If applicable to your school, they can also sign in using GoogleMicrosoftClever, or your school's Single Sign On (SSO) account.

Locate assigned work

Students have access to the EP Student Zone, which differs from the EP teacher experience. In the Tasks & Assessments tab, they have access to all the work that's been assigned to them.

Depending on what settings were chosen when assigning work, they may also receive an email notifying them.

Students can click on any piece of work to view the details including the due date and completion amount.

Complete assigned work

Students will need to click into a lesson and then click Start to begin (or pick up where they left off).

They'll be guided through the lesson which will include a combination of information and question slides.

Mastery-based progression

Our lessons include instructional material alongside questioning and students are provided with instant and targeted feedback. If a student answers a question incorrectly, then the question and feedback cycle continues until mastery is established.

Supporting this focus on mastery, completing an EP lesson requires a student to eventually answer every question correctly.

In the example below, the first question is answered incorrectly the first time. A different question is then asked before the incorrectly answered question is asked again, this time being answered correctly:

This decision to build our lessons around a mastery-based progression leads to an important core principle of our product:

Once a student completes a lesson, we believe that they have mastered that lesson.

What's next? View progress reporting

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