What emails do teachers receive from EP?

Education Perfect teachers will receive emails about some aspects of the EP platform. This article outlines the types of correspondence you can expect to receive.

Marketing emails from EP

Teachers may receive marketing emails from us that include information on:

  • New content
  • New features
  • Competitions and events

If you do not wish to receive marketing emails, the option to Unsubscribe is available at the bottom of our emails. Alternatively, reply to the email with the word Unsubscribe, or contact our team to say you wish to opt out.

To resubscribe, please contact us.

Students do not receive any marketing emails from EP, and will only ever receive:

  • Emails that contain information about their EP accounts
  • Task and/or Assessment notifications

Learn more about student emails.

Automated emails from EP

We use emails to notify you of key information on EP.

This can include onboarding assistance, account updates, and notifications about Tasks or Assessments that have been assigned.

Onboarding emails

When you first join EP, you'll receive some email communication guiding you through your first steps. This includes:

  • An invite to activate your account
  • Information on how to add classes
  • Information on assigning work to your classes

Examples of these emails are found below:

Other emails

Account information

We'll notify you of any account changes, including password or email address updates. If another staff member enrols classes on your behalf, we may also contact you to confirm.

Task and Assessment completion summary

When setting up a Task or Assessment on EP, teachers have the option to receive a completion summary report after the Task or Assessment has closed. 

Tick this option under the Email notifications section.

email my students about this task option

task/assessment result emails

Report on which students have been emailed

If a teacher chooses to email students about a Task or Assessment, they'll also have the option to receive a report with the details of who exactly has been emailed. 

Tick Send me a report about which students have been emailed to enable this.

email notifications section

student email report example

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

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