What is an inactive account?

So that students can keep their data even when they're not using Education Perfect for an extended period of time, we set their accounts to inactive when they're not in any classes.

A student will be listed as inactive if they are not assigned to any classes, but they can be added back to a class.

Add them from a class page

When you're adding students directly to a class, you might search their name and find that their account isn't in any classes. Click the Add to class button next to their name to reactivate their account.

Alternatively, use the Class Join Code feature to have the student add themselves to the class.

If you find that a student is still listed as inactive after assigning them to a class, try refreshing the page. In the rare event that this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team.

Teacher accounts

Teacher accounts are slightly different. Inactive teacher accounts aren't visible to any users at your school, nor are you able to log into one. If you would like a teacher account reactivated, please contact us and include the name and email address of that teacher.

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