Desmos and Education Perfect

EP partners with Desmos to bring new powerful and effective elements to our Math and Science lessons.

What is Desmos?

Desmos is an advanced platform that offers interactive digital graphing and calculator tools. Desmos integrates with EP and is available within existing lessons in our Content Library, as well as when building custom content.

How does EP use Desmos?

Our Content Team uses Desmos to elevate EP Content. We embed Desmos tools to offer interactive elements to students to increase understanding and promote learning. 

We primarily use these tools in our Math and Science content, although other subject areas can benefit too.

Conceptual Learning

The Desmos feature prompts students to engage with and explore concepts on a deeper level. Through exploration, students can creatively integrate and connect new ideas to what they already know, giving them a tighter grasp on the mathematical ideas being taught. 

Check out our lessons using Desmos to create a higher conceptual understanding! Find these in the DESMOS on EP featured folder in your Content Library.

Procedural Fluency

Using Desmos elements on EP, you are able to create dynamic trial and error questions where students are able to manipulate the feature in various correct and incorrect ways. Students can repeat variable tasks to promote their mathematical learning. 

You can check out our graphing worksheets using Desmos to develop fluency in the DESMOS on EP featured folder in your Content Library.

Discovery Learning

These exercises help develop conceptual understanding and encourage students to engage with unfamiliar learning material. 

In non-interactive learning, students often have to resort to memorisation and procedural mastery. This experience can be overwhelming for many learners, and it may discourage them from exploring unique methods. When interacting with Desmos elements, students receive real-time feedback to guide them in their exploration. 

Open-ended questions are also incorporated, where the interaction and experience are more important than the idea of getting an answer right or wrong.

How can teachers use Desmos on EP?

Explore the Desmos on EP featured folder to see prebuilt enhanced lessons which are available to be assigned to students.

Teachers are able to embed content from Desmos into lessons that they create using the Embed component in EP Studio. Here's how:

  1. Start by obtaining an embed code from the graph you wish to share from Desmos. Learn how to do this here.
  2. Next, create or open the lesson slide in EP where you wish to add the graph.

  1. Click and drag the Embed component into the slide.

  • Paste the embed code you copied in Step 1, and click Done.

All done! Your graph is now added to your slide, and you can add additional components to add text and questions. Learn more about this here.

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