Education Perfect & RiskAssess

As of July 2021, every investigation in the EP Science Content Library is now linked to a RiskAssess proforma for that activity. RiskAssess is a web-based tool that makes performing risk assessments for Science investigations quick and easy for teachers and laboratory technicians.

RiskAssess is a separate subscription service to EP. To access RiskAssess templates you will need to log into the RiskAssess website. 

Accessing RiskAssess from the EP Science Content Library

Simply navigate to the investigation and click on the second item in the folder titled 'Risk Assessment (open in RiskAssess)' and select 'Preview Smart Lesson'. Once the preview opens, click on the link provided on the slide to access the risk assessment template in RiskAssess. 

This will open RiskAssess in a new tab. Next, you will be required to 'create a modifiable copy' of the risk assessment and complete the relevant details for your particular class. 

Ensure that you read through the risk assessment carefully and that you are aware of all of the safety precautions that are necessary to follow when conducting this investigation. Only when you have read and understood the potential hazards identified, complete the ‘Certification by Teacher’ by selecting the inherent level of risk and any extra control measures that may not be identified and click ‘Sign Electronically’.

Accessing EP Risk Assessments from the RiskAssess Library 

You can access all of the EP risk assessment proformas through the 'Education Perfect templates' Library in the Risk Assessment Search once you are logged in to the RiskAssess website. 

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