Getting Started: Navigating EP's Teacher Dashboard

Welcome to the EP Teacher Dashboard!


When you log in to your teacher account, you'll be taken to your Teacher Dashboard.

Your classes are easily accessible from the Dashboard. Click specific classes to view the students, change details, and reset passwords.

If you don't have any classes enrolled, the option to do so will appear. Learn more about enrolling classes.

My Classes on the teacher dashboard

You can easily contact our Support team, view help guides, or book a call. Click the question mark in the top right. 

Get support option

The Newsfeed is found on the right hand side of the screen. Click All Updates to filter to specific topics. 

Newsfeed and all updates button

Click your initials in the top right corner to access additional options. Here you'll find your teacher certification level, account settings, and the ability to switch schools (if you teach at multiple).

Experience EP as a student by selecting Student Zone. Learn more about accessing the Student Zone.

Drop-down menu

How do I edit my profile?
I teach at more than one school. How do I change which school I am looking at?

Content, Tasks, Classes and more


Click on the Content tab to view the resources available. Here you'll find content built by Education Perfect, as well as other teachers that use EP. 

You can create your own content from scratch, and search for appropriate resources.

How to assign work from the Content Library
Customising existing content on EP


Click into the Tasks tab to see the Tasks you have assigned to your students, as well as assign new work.

Assigning a Task
Editing, extending or re-opening an existing Task
How do I assign specific sections of a Smart Lesson?
How do I manage classes I don't teach?


Click into the Assessments tab to see all the Assessments you have assigned to your students, as well as assign new ones.

How do I create and assign a Quiz?
How do Assessments work?
How do I create an Assessment?
What options are there for setting assessments?
How do I set a pre-built assessment?


Competitions can be created, and competition results can be found under the Competitions tab. To view the results of events that have ended, change the time frame. 

Checking competition results and removing competitors
How do I create a competition?
Ideas for using EP Competitions with your students
EP Official Events  


When you click into the Classes tab you will be able to manage your classes, see who's online and cheer your students on.

How do I create classes?
How do I change which class a student is in?
How do I send cheers to my students?


Use the Insights tab to access comprehensive reporting for your entire school. This includes individual and class reports, full school reports, Assessment and Task results and more. 

When have my students been logging in?
How do I view my school's Education Perfect usage?
What have my students been working on recently?
How can I use Education Perfect's reporting at parent-teacher interviews?

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