What do the icons in the Monitor tab mean?

Icons in the Monitor tab can be used by teachers to get an accurate idea of what students are doing in a monitored exam. These icons are customised to cover most of the different scenarios students face in an assessment.

Monitoring assessments

To set up Monitor Mode in your assessment, you can follow the instructions in our help guide How do I monitor my assessment?

When an action pops up in the Monitor page, an icon will usually accompany it. In the Legend section, the meaning of each icon is next to its graphic, as shown at the bottom of the screen. 

Student actions

For expected information statements there is no icon accompanying the statement. An example of this would be when Andy Tellers started an assessment at 10:49am.

Icons in bold are shown as potential problems. In this screenshot we can see that Andy has left his document without submitting.

This icon indicates that the student has left full screen mode. This means that they could be accessing other tabs or apps on their device.

If a student is experiencing a bad internet connection the following icon will appear.

Teachers will also be warned if their student opens Spotlight on their device. Spotlight is a Mac feature that allows students to search information or access a calculator.

More information on Spotlight can be found here.

Teacher actions

The Monitor feed also includes actions taken by the teacher. Teachers are able to lock an assessment, extend the time limit or force students' attempts to be submitted.

Teachers can also do these actions for a single student by selecting the student's name first.

Teachers can also reopen attempts for individual students by selecting their name.

The icons below show that the teacher has locked Andy's assessment and then unlocked it again

The icons below show that the teacher forces Albracca's attempt to be submitted and then reopened it.

The icon below shows that the teacher has extended out the time limit for Albracca's assessment attempt.

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