How do I export student data from KAMAR web version?

As covered in our enrolment guide, the best way to get your students on Education Perfect is to send us an export of their details from your school's system. 

If you are using the desktop version of KAMAR, refer to our article here.

From the Main Menu, select Reporting and then Student Lists.

Click OK.

If you like, you can filter the data to specific year levels or houses. Once you are happy, select Apply Search and then Continue.

Select Copy to Custom Fields.

Select Field List. In the dropdown menu select General and then Student Email - School.

Next select Subjects in the dropdown menu and then Current Subjects, Line, Teacher (semi-colon). Click Apply to confirm.

From here, select Actions and then Spreadsheet. Set the file format to CSV, set Delimiter to comma, and tick both tick boxes. Select OK when ready.

Click the button to download the file.

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