How can assessment results from Education Perfect be fed back into Schoology?

Results from assessment tasks you assign in Education Perfect can be fed back into Schoology's gradebook, making it easy to collate assessment results from multiple sources.

What types of assessments can be included?

  • Any assessment created in the Control Panel (including Quick Tests) can have its grades stored in Schoology as well as in Education Perfect.

Linking a task from the Control Panel with Schoology

  1. Create a Quick Test or pre-built assessment in the Control Panel.
  2. Get the Schoology embed link from your assessment (for more information, see How do I get links to content, tasks and assessments?)
  3. Select the course you'd like to add the assessment to in Schoology
  4. Click Add Materials
  5. Select Add File/Link/External Tool
  6. Select External Tool
  7. Select Education Perfect as the Tool Provider, add a Title and paste the URL you copied earlier.
  8. If Education Perfect is not in the list this may mean that you've only integrated Education Perfect with a specific Schoology course - you'll need to either add Education Perfect at the school level (as an Schoology Administrator) or add it to each course you want to add Education Perfect content into.

  9. Tick Enable Grading and fill in as appropriate.
  10. Click Submit

The availability of assignments in Schoology must align with the availability of the assessment task created in the Control Panel. For example: If an assessment is created in the Control Panel and assigned to a single student, and the Schoology item is made available to everyone, only the student who has been assigned the task in the Control Panel would be able to start it.

Students need to start the assessment from within Schoology - if a student starts an assessment by logging into Education Perfect directly, the grade will not be sent to Schoology.

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