How do I embed content, tasks and assessments in Schoology?

Content can be embedded in a Schoology Course by copying special links found in the Control Panel into Schoology

When browsing the content library in Education Perfect you can find the link to embed the lesson you are looking at under More then clicking on Get a link for Schoology.

To embed a task go to it then select Get Started and copy the "embed this link in Schoology" link.

To embed an assessment go to it, then select Get Started and copy the "embed this link in Schoology" link.

Once you have the link you want to embed select the course you would like to add the content into and click Add Materials then Add File/Link/External Tool. Click External Tool in the first popup.

In the Add External Tool window select "Education Perfect" as the Tool Provider

If Education Perfect is not in the list this may mean that you've only integrated Education Perfect with a specific Schoology course - you'll need to either add Education Perfect at the school level (as an Schoology Administrator) or add it to each course you want to add Education Perfect content into.

Add a Title that makes sense for you and your students

Paste the URL of the content you with to embed

Automatic grade writeback is only possible with Education Perfect Assesments added with Enable Grading ticked. See our article on grade writeback in Schoology to find out more about setting this up.

Click Submit to add the material to your course.

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