Education Perfect World Series Rules

Credits towards the World Series 

Credits are earned based on the ranking of a school in each competition. The first school would receive the maximum credits available (e.g.: for Social Sciences - 75 credits). The second school would receive one credit less (e.g.: Social Sciences: 74 credits). And so on, until the last available credit in that event (e.g.: Social Sciences: the school that is placed 75th gets 1 credit).

Each event is worth a maximum of:

  • Education Perfect Humanities Championships = 75 credits
  • Education Perfect English Championships = 150 credits
  • Education Perfect Science Championships = 225 credits
  • Education Perfect Maths Championships = 150 credits
  • Language Perfect World Championships = 400 credits

Languages and Science are worth extra points as there are estimated to be substantially more students and schools competing in these events than other subjects. The Languages and Science competitions have been growing rapidly over the past few years and as other subjects grow over time, points will level out. 

Time limits 

Students can login as many times as they like over the event. A time limit of 8 hours per 24 hour period applies (calculated from the start of the competition, and resetting every 24 hours after that). For events which run simultaneously, a total time of 8 hours applies, not 8 hours per event. 

The same points system applies to top students overall

The school and student with the most credits across their top three subjects will be the overall winners. I.e. schools + students will discard the credits from the two subjects where they earned the least number of credits. This means that it's possible for schools/students to do extremely well in the series even if they are not able to compete in one or two of the events. 

If two schools or students have the same number of credits, their overall rank will be determined by looking at their results in each of their 4th-ranked competitions, then the 5th-ranked competition. If after that they still have the same number of credits, the results in the competition which offers the largest number of credits will be used as the decider.

Competition Behaviour

Every student has a unique login to access Education Perfect. Any students found to be sharing logins will be disqualified. Any student that interferes with other students' logins will be disqualified. The Education Perfect World Series is a global competition. As such, any strategies that enable students to earn points without learning is considered cheating. Any content that has been built and is shared by Education Perfect may be used in competitions. Student made content is not eligible to earn points towards a competition. However, students are still able to access their lists for their own learning purposes via the regular "Browse all Content".

Students can revisit content following time intervals to earn additional points. After their first attempt on a question, they can revise it after 24 hours, and again after 7 days (if applicable in length of competition). For more information on how to earn points please view How does the points/scoring system work?

Students will have their Education Perfect points removed if found to not be competing fairly. We will notify the teacher when we confirm this behaviour, however, if we do not hear back within 24 hours we will be removing the students points. At this stage we cannot remove just the competition points so all points will be removed. This cannot be undone. We take this behaviour very seriously at Education Perfect! 

We reserve the right to disqualify anyone deemed to be not competing fairly where we can produce reasonable evidence to support this claim. Minor infringements may be dealt with by suspension of a student's access to Education Perfect and/or removal of points earned due to inappropriate behaviour. In all infringement cases identified by Education Perfect, the school and the student will be contacted with a warning. If a student is involved in a second infringement at all during the whole Education Perfect World Series in any given calendar year, that student will be rendered ineligible for any prizes in that year.  

Schools that build content which doesn't require any thought in answering may be disqualified.

The decisions of the Education Perfect team in these cases are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


While we strive to provide accurate data in Education Perfect, we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by inaccuracies in the software. 


If your school has received vouchers for the World Series, these can only be used to participate in the Education Perfect World Series, and may not be redeemed on full year Education Perfect subscriptions.

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