How do I view old Tasks and Assessments?

It can be helpful for you to look back at old tasks or assessments that your students have completed to view progress and make comparisons to recently completed tasks and assessments.

The following guide applies to both Assessments and Tasks - the steps are almost identical for each section.

Active Classes

To view the previous tasks for an active class, navigate to the Tasks or Assessments section of your dashboard.

How to navigate to the Tasks and Assessments tab in the Control Panel

Next, click the drop-down menu and select the time frame that you would like to view. The displayed Tasks/Assessments will update right away.

selecting a new timeframe to view in the TAsks tab

Archived Classes

If your class is from a previous year or is no longer in your school's list of classes, it's likely the class has been archived. 

To view previous Tasks and Assessments, you will need to first unarchive the class. To do this, click the Classes tab of your dashboard.

How to navigate to the Classes tab in the Control Panel

Click Archived. Once you have located the class, click the three dots next to the class name and then Unarchive Class.

unarchive classes button

Once you are finished looking at these previous classes, you can archive the class again by going back into Classes. 

archive class button

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