How do I archive and retrieve archived classes?

We have made it easy to archive any classes that are no longer needed. Archiving a class preserves everything about the class at the time it was archived - including who was in the class, the tasks and assessments assigned to it, and more. 

If you need to retrieve this data, you can easily unarchive your classes.

If your school is integrated with Wonde, your classes and accounts are managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.

Open the Classes tab from your dashboard, or click on the desired class from your home page.

arrow pointing to classes tab on teacher account

Archiving your own classes

From the Classes tab find the class that you wish to archive at the top of the page and select the options button (three vertical dots). In the drop-down menu that opens, select Archive Class.

options for editing class once the class has been chosen

Alternatively, when viewing an individual class, click the Settings button.

From the Class settings page, click the three dots, and then Archive class.

Archiving multiple classes

Under the All Classes section of Classes, select the class or classes you wish to archive by ticking the box next to the class name.

classes you have selected to archive

In the blue bar that appears at the bottom of the page, select the Archive button.

bottom 'archive' button to go to after classes have been selected

To confirm your selection, a prompting Archive Classes? box will appear. Select the red Archive button.

archive button selected, 'archive' or 'cancel' displayed

Retrieving your archived classes

Open the Classes tab and select Archived

How to navigate to the list of archived classes

From Archived, you can view all of the inactive classes at your school.

How to view all inactive classes from the Archived section

As with the Active classes, you can filter the archived classes by department. 

How to filter archived classes by department

To quickly restore a single class, simply select Unarchive and the class will be returned to the Active tab. 

How to unarchive an inactive class

Retrieving multiple classes

To retrieve multiple classes at once, simply tick the classes you want reactivated, and select  Unarchive.

How to restore multiple classes at once by ticking the class checkboxes that you want to reactivate

The restored classes will be returned to the Active tab. 

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