Why does my school require student IDs and/or emails?

Dealing with thousands of student accounts can be difficult. Students can have similar names, nicknames and preferred names; they might be enrolled across different departments this year or in the future. Having a unique ID for each student can prevent any confusion.

Unique identifiers

To make it faster and smoother for schools to quickly enrol students, remove students and move students between classes, we can keep a unique ID for each student.

We make these a requirement for a school either by arrangement with the teachers or if more than half of the students in a school have a consistent set of IDs on their accounts. 

Once IDs are required, they'll be needed whenever a new account is created at your school or whenever you send in your class lists for enrolment.

Checking what IDs your students need

It's crucial that we use a consistent ID format for a school, so if you're enrolling students with IDs but you're unsure what they should be, you can check in the Classes section of your dashboard.

id examples when viewing a student profile

To check ID codes that existing accounts at your school are using, go to any student account and hover over the Help option next to the Student ID field. If you're still unable to work out what IDs should be used, contact us here.

SSO and LTI Integration

Schools that have been set up with Single Sign-On (SSO) and/or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) use an ID for each student to link their Education Perfect account with an account on the school's end.

In the case of SSO, this allows users to log into Education Perfect using their school login details. In the case of LTI, it allows us to pass information directly to a school's learning management system (Schoolbox, Brightspace, Canvas etc). 

If the SSO ID number is not input correctly, your new student will not be able to access Education Perfect through the school's portal. Similarly, if the LTI code is not correctly set up, they will not be able to use embedded Education Perfect content.

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