How can I print my students' assessment answers?

Assessment results and student answers can be exported through the Report tab of an Assessment. Almost all data shown to you here can be exported in some way.

Overall Assessment results

Navigate to Assessments, and click into the relevant EP Assessment. Click into the Report tab.

Scroll to the Student Results section. To export student percentage scores, time spent, and results per question per student, choose Export results as xlxs.

Data will be exported as a spreadsheet and downloaded automatically.

export results as xlxs

For list-type content, you'll find that only an xlxs file is available, with no individual PDF or Print option.

Use the Export results as xlxs to download the information for these Assessments!

Student answers

To export the specific answers that students gave, scroll to Student Results and select Export answers as pdf. 

If you're after the results and answers of an individual student, you can open them by clicking the Print option in their row.

Note that this option is not available for list-type content that has been assigned as a Quiz.

export answers as PDF or individually print for students

For individual students, you'll be able to access and download their answers right away. If you chose the overall Export answers as pdf option, you'll receive an email from EP containing a download link for each student. 

Email download example

Per Question Breakdown

You'll find a breakdown of each question in the Assessment near the bottom of the report tab. Click the button to export this information as a csv file. This will download automatically.

export per question breakdown button

Learn more about EP Assessment results in our article.

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