How do we set up an integration between Education Perfect and Canvas?

Adding support for Canvas is a straightforward process, which normally requires a couple of hours of work by your school's IT team/LMS manager. Education Perfect's integration may differ from other integrations your school has, because we need a way to match a Canvas user to their EP account. This enables us to include the work they do in Canvas in their learning record when teachers are writing reports and running parent/teacher interviews.

The Education Perfect + Canvas Integration Process

Key Details:
Test app URL:
Live app URL:

Get in touch with us

To get started, send us an email on If you're not the person who will be configuring the integration, please also include them in the email so we know who to contact with next steps. Our team will send you a consumer and secret key pair which you can use to authenticate with us. 

Install our test page 

To check that your keys are working correctly, we've developed a test page which can be added immediately. This page also provides us with valuable information as we progress with the integration. 

Install the test page ( as a new App. 

If you haven't added a new app before, see Canvas' help documentation. Please note that you can install External Apps on a per course basis, or across an entire account giving all courses access to the App. To install Education Perfect across an entire Account select that account from the Admin menu, then follow the instructions from the above link using that Account's Settings menu for the account. To add Education Perfect to individual courses one at a time select the course you would like to add it to then proceed with the instructions using it's Settings menu

In the configuration process, remember to include the Consumer Key and Shared Secret we give you- these are required for integrating with Education Perfect.

If you get a 405 (Method Not Allowed) error, this is normally caused by configuring the app manually instead of by URL. For more information, see How do I resolve a 405 (Method Not Allowed) error when configuring a Canvas integration?

Now that the test page is available in Canvas, add a module in one of your courses, then select  External Tool from the dropdown as the Item Type. Click Education Perfect TEST Page.

Below is an example of the information that will be displayed. Copy all of the information on the page and send it to us - this page contains the information we need to continue the integration.

Match existing users to their Canvas accounts

If your students have already been using Education Perfect without a Canvas integration, their EP accounts will need to be linked to the unique identifier Canvas uses to confirm their identity. This enables any work that students do on Education Perfect in Canvas to be stored against their account. Often this is the user's school email address, but it can differ from school to school - the information in the test page above helps us to work out exactly what to use. 

If we already have the unique identifier associated with teachers' and students' accounts, for example because it's their email addresses, we'll match up everyone we can on your behalf. We will then send you a list of anyone we couldn't match. Once you send us the details for those people, we'll update them as well. 

Please note that until we have completed this step users will get an error if they attempt to access Education Perfect content embedded within Canvas.

Install the live app

Once all students and staff have been successfully set up with their identifiers, you can install the live integration in the same way as you added the test integration. The setup URL is Once this is done, your staff will be able to embed content into Canvas modules and courses for your students to complete.

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