How does Education Perfect integrate with Canvas?

Education Perfect works with Canvas by enabling teachers to embed our resources into a Canvas module. Students can then work through the lesson from within Canvas without needing to log into EP.

Your school will first need to integrate Canvas with Education Perfect. Instructions on setting this up can be found here.

There are a couple of ways to embed content from EP into Canvas, depending on what you are trying to achieve. 

If you need to view progress and results from work that students complete, the best option is to first assign the work as a Task or Assessment and then connect said work to Canvas.

If you want students to work through some EP resources but aren't too fussed about tracking progress, you can embed resources directly from the EP Content Library in Canvas. This option will allow you to embed within a Page as well as a Module, and also doesn't require you to log in to EP and configure anything.

Connecting existing Tasks or Assessments to Canvas

If you would like to embed an existing Task or Assessment in Canvas you will need to do so in a Module.

First, navigate to your chosen Task or Assessment in EP and copy the LTI/LMS link from the Get Started page.

Get started tab with LTI link

Once you have this link, create a module within Canvas, and click the  icon in the top right:

Plus button in the Canvas interface

Paste your link into the URL text box, give it a Page Name, and then click Add Item.

Add item dialogue in Canvas

Embedding resources directly from the EP Content Library

If you'd like to be able to track progress made by your students, you must first assign work as a Task or Assessment, and then embed that existing Task or Assessment into Canvas. You'll then be able to log into your EP teacher account and view progress.

In a Canvas Module

First, create a module within Canvas, and click the icon in the top right.

+ icon in module creator page

Choose External Tool from the drop-down menu, and then select Education Perfect Content.

Adding external tool in canvas settings

Browse to the list or lesson you want your students to complete, then click the  Embed button.

Embed button within Content library

After selecting a lesson from the Content Picker give the lesson a name in the  Page Name text. Finally, click Add Item.

Add item confirmation

In a Canvas Page

Only embed Education Perfect with each canvas page once. Embedding multiple times on the same page will cause unexpected logouts as it will appear to our system that your students are attempting to use Education Perfect in multiple tabs at once.

Open the page in the editor and place your cursor at the point you'd like to insert the lesson. Then, click the Education Perfect logo in the toolbar. 

EP lesson embed tool

Browse to the list or lesson you want your students to complete, then click the Embed button.

After selecting a lesson from the Content Picker give the lesson a name in the Page Name textbox. Finally, click Add Item.

Feeding Assessment results into Canvas

Results from assessments you assign in Education Perfect can be fed back into Canvas' gradebook, making it easy to collate assessment results from multiple sources.

Please see our full guide here for instructions on how to do this.

To view the full results, analytics, and recommendations from students' work, teachers will still need to log into the Education Perfect Control Panel.

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