How do I install the LTI test page for Brightspace?

Installing the Education Perfect test page makes it easy to see the key information needed to set up an LTI integration with Brightspace. Once the integration process is complete, you can delete this page. 

  1. Click External Learning Tools (LTI), then select Manage External Learning Tool Links and click New Link.
  2. Fill out the New Link page as follows:
  • Title: "EP LTI Test Page"
  • URL:
  • Visibility: Tick Allow users to view this link
  • Key/Secret: Tick Sign messages with key/secret and select Link key/secret
  • Key: As provided by the Education Perfect team, e.g.8A5A51E6-DBAB-40A2-8D32-4CF1C9FBAFD6
  • Secret: As provided by the Education Perfect team, e.g. 36D41D4F-3708-4AEE-8959-7DA70F5439CD
  • Custom Parameters: Leave empty
  • Security Settings: Select Use link security settings, and tick all sub options
  • Make link available to: Select Current Org Unit

  1. Click Save and Close
  2. Add the link to a module, then click View Topic.

  1. The results page that opens should look as follows: 

  1. Copy and paste the results of the test page into an email to
  2. Delete the link, or make it invisible, to avoid confusing other people accessing Brightspace.
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