Getting Started with Education Perfect for Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies as a subject aims to teach students critical, creative thinking skills; skills that can be utilised to help students work collaboratively in a rapidly changing world.

Explicitly teaching the understanding component of digital technologies, Education Perfect Digital Technologies provides engaging online lessons that maximise student learning growth through an extensive range of innovative resources.

We have created approximately 50 engaging and dynamic smart lessons covering the knowledge and understanding component of the curriculum.

Digital Systems

How Data is Transmitted

  • Binary Numbers in Computers
    • Decimal Number System and Place Value
    • Introduction to Binary Numbers
    • How Computers Use Binary Code
    • Converting Between Decimal and Binary
    • Data Storage and Bandwidth
  • Character Sets
    • Introduction to Digital Text
    • ASCII
    • Unicode
  • Computer Graphics
    • Pixels, Bits and Bytes
    • RGB
    • Bitmaps
    • Vector Graphics
  • Media Elements
    • How Text is Presented
    • How Images and Animations are Presented
    • How Video is Presented on the Web
    • How Audio is Presented on the Web
  • Audio
    • Analog Audio
    • Sampling
    • Quantisation
    • Compression
  • Algorithms
    • Introduction to Algorithms
    • Branching Algorithms
    • Iteration Algorithms
    • Representing Algorithms Visually and Verbally
  • History of Communication Technologies    
    • Legacy Technologies
    • Modern Technologies
  • Computer Networking
    • Introduction to Networks
    • Network Packets
    • Network Topologies
    • Networking Hardware - Modems
    • Networking Hardware - Hubs and Switches
    • Networking Hardware - Routers
  • Transmitting Data
    • Mobile Networks
      • Transceivers
      • Mobile Phones
      • Cellular Networking Structure
      • Mobile Network Generations
    • Wired Networks
      • Introduction to Cables and Signal TypesTypes of Cables
      • Fibre Optics and Digital Signals
      • Uses of Fibre Optics Cables
    • Wireless Networks
      • Introduction to Wireless Networks
      • WiFi
      • Satellite Communications
      •  Radio Waves
  • Comparing Data Transmission Methods
    • Reliability of Data Transmissions
    • Security of Data Transmissions
    • Speed of Data Transmissions
  • Protocols for Transmitting Data
    • Communication Protocols
    • HTTP
    • FTP
    • IP
    • TCP

content library showing some of the digitech folders and lessons available in EP

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