Does my teacher certification follow me when I change schools?

If you move to another school, we can move your existing account to your new school, which will preserve your Teacher Certification

Switching schools

Email us at and tell us:

  • The school you are moving to
  • Your new staff email address (if applicable)

We will be able to transfer your account straight away, and you will not lose your teacher certification level when we make the change.

Although your account will be able to access your new school's data immediately, it may take up to 48 hours for your certification level to be reflected at your new school.

If you had a new account made for you when you switched schools, we can still move your old account to your new school, however, we can't count any work done on your new account towards your old account's certification level.

What happens to my Content when I move to a new school?

Any content saved to your 'My Content' folder will be transferred with your account. If there is any content in your old school you still want access to, you will need to create copies and save it to your 'My Content' folder.

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