Getting Started: View progress reporting

As soon as students start completing work on EP, you'll have access to real-time data. You can view comprehensive data and insights and give feedback where required.

View reporting

Navigate to an assigned Task and click into the Report tab to view work that has been completed.

Here you'll see how students are progressing through the Task. You'll find the overall completion rate and accuracy in each different section.

This data helps to show which students you may need to focus on. Click any student's name to see their individual progress.

The next section outlines each part of the lesson, as well as the individual answers given. Click View Answers or View Question to see actual responses given by students.

Seeing aggregated common errors can help you to understand knowledge gaps within a class.

Give feedback

Depending on the work that was assigned, you can give feedback on student responses.

Navigate to the Responses tab and click on any question to view the student answers to that question.

Here you can give written feedback alongside a star rating, and require resubmission if required.

Students can view and action feedback when they log in.

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