How do I split up a vocabulary list?

Vocabulary lists can be split up into more concise lists. This can be beneficial for setting quick vocab tasks or for shortening long lists.

Load the list you want to split up in the Content Library, making sure you're in Edit mode.

If the list you are trying to edit is an Education Perfect list, you will need to add it to either the My School's Content or Private Workspace sections before you can split it up.

Click the Preview button. The list will expand to take up the whole screen and as you hover over a word a box will appear on the left of it. Click the tick-box beside each word you want to move to the new list.

You can hold down the shift key to select all words in a range.

At the bottom of the page a blue bar will appear with the options Create new list and Remove from list. Once you have finished making your selection, click on the Create new list option.

Give your new list a title, tick the Also remove translations... button, then click Create.

The new list will open in the list editor. You can add additional words to the list, or click Exit Editor to finish.

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