Getting Started: Log in and explore

Welcome to Education Perfect! This article contains key information to begin your journey with EP.

I want to:

Log in

Once you've been invited to EP by someone at your school (or an EP admin), you'll need to accept the email invite and log in to your EP account. 

Example of the invite email that new teachers receive

If applicable to your school, you can sign in using Google, Microsoft, or your school's Single Sign On (SSO) account.

Explore EP!

Your teacher dashboard has everything you need to:

  • Save time by choosing from our thousands of curriculum aligned and auto-marked lessons
  • Engage students with instant feedback
  • Track student progress in real time and provide easy differentiation with powerful insights

Each tab at the top of the page contains a different part of the EP platform. We'll cover four of these below.


EP's new Discover tool introduces the future of finding and assigning EP content. Teachers can browse by curriculum-aligned subjects and topics to find lessons to assign to students. 

Here you’ll see a list of lessons sequenced to progress students through units of work and achieve specific learning outcomes. From here, you can easily assign tasks to your students. This is our recommended method of browsing content, however, you can use the Library to browse content too.


Click the Library tab to browse all EP content. Here you’ll find a large number of curriculum-aligned resources that are ready to be assigned to your students.

Click through the folders to browse, or use the search bar to find relevant content. Click on any resource to preview and assign to your students.

Tasks and Assessments

These tabs will show any work you have set for your students, once you've assigned some (we'll get to that soon).

Here you’ll be able to monitor student activity, view progress, and give feedback.


Account management happens in this area, including enrolling new students and inviting new teachers. Existing accounts can be managed here too.

Your classes will appear in tiles. Click into any class to view student details.

Psst! If your classes have been added for you already, let’s set some work.

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