How to export data from PowerSchool

When enrolling students on Education Perfect, you'll need to supply certain information which will allow us to create user accounts.

This article covers the process of exporting student data from PowerSchool SIS.

Export your data

  1. Start by logging in to your PowerSchool account.
  2. On the Start Page, use the student search to filter to the grade level you wish to export data for.

    showing the grade level filter in powerschool

  3. Next, click into the Importing & Exporting tab and choose the Data Export Manager option.

    Showing the Data Export Manager option on the sidebar in powerschool

  4. In the Category menu, choose PowerSchool Data Sets. Set the Export From menu to Student Email. In the categories that appear, choose all options and click Next

    categories displayed in powerschool

EP does not store gender or date of birth information, so if these are displayed, you can deselect them.

  1. In the following screen, ensure the Use current student selection option is ticked, then click Next.

    Shows where to tick, and the next button in powerschool

  2. On the following screen, click Export to retrieve your chosen data. This will download a file containing the information which you can open and check over.

    Export button shown in powerschool

  3. PowerSchool exports data in a .txt file by default, which cannot be accepted by EP’s Enrolment Portal.

    Open the file you have downloaded with Excel, and then use the Save As option to save the file as a .CSV.

    image showing how to save the file you have exported

  4. In the Excel file, add three additional columns:
    1. Class name: Enter a name for the class, including the Grade/Year level and subject (e.g. Grade 11 English).
    2. Teacher name: Enter the name of the teacher(s).
    3. Teacher email address: Enter the email address of the teacher(s) (if the teacher(s) already have EP accounts, you can skip this).
  5. Once you've retrieved and saved your list(s), they can be submitted to the EP Enrolment Portal.

The Enrolment Portal can instantly process files that are submitted in a specific format. For this to occur, you may need to rearrange some of the data in your spreadsheet. Click for full formatting instructions.

Alternatively, drop your files into the portal as is and, when prompted, click Submit to Support team. Our team will be in touch as soon as your submission has been manually processed.

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