Using Safe Exam Browser with Schoolbox and EP

If your school uses Schoolbox, you’re able to run Assessments on Education Perfect through Safe Exam Browser via the Schoolbox platform. 

This article explains how you can assign work and get students up and running.

Your school needs to have an integration set up between Schoolbox and EP to use this feature.

Before you can assign EP Assessments in Schoolbox that use Safe Exam Browser, you'll need to ensure that an Administrator has enabled this. See instructions in our guide.

Assigning EP Assessments

First, assign your Assessment or Quiz in Education Perfect. Once complete, you'll need to copy the link from the Get Started tab.

Your next step is to embed that link into Schoolbox. To do this, navigate to the class page in Schoolbox, and add a new item. Choose a Task item under the Learning tab.

adding a new task item

Click Create Task, and you'll be prompted to input some details. Give the work a title, and set the Work Type as an Assessment Task.

creating a task in schoolbox

Next, add the link you copied in the first step to the description box. 

Important: Instead of pasting the link directly, please add the link as a hyperlink.

To do this, type something into the box, such as Click here to access the Assessment. Highlight that text, then click the small link icon in the toolbar. Paste the URL you copied into the box that pops up, and click OK.

description box instructions

The last setting is the option to Enforce Safe Exam Browser. Ensure this is toggled on, then click Create

turning on SEB when assigning a task

All done! Now your students can complete the work.

Student Experience

When students complete the Assessment you've assigned, they'll be prompted to Launch Safe Exam Browser to begin.

If they haven't used Safe Exam Browser before, they'll need to download the correct version for their device first. Detailed instructions on downloading Safe Exam Browser for students can be found here.

Once downloaded and installed, students can click Launch Safe Exam Browser to complete and submit their work as normal.

student download or launch SEB options

Once they're all done, students can click the bottom right button to exit Safe Exam Browser.

exit button in safe exam browser

For further information about using Safe Exam Browser via Schoolbox, see the Schoolbox help guide here.

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