How do I embed content, tasks and assessments in Schoolbox?

Content can be embedded in Schoolbox by copying a link to a lesson, task or assessment from your EP dashboard into the Schoolbox dashboard. 

Teachers will need to load their dashboard to create tasks and assessments. Once these are created, they can be embedded into Schoolbox easily.

Getting Started

Please refer to our guide on setting up an integration between Schoolbox and Education Perfect for more information.

Browsing the Content Library for an activity

  1. In Schoolbox, click + > Multimedia > Embed Learning Tool > Education Perfect. 
  2. Navigate to the lesson you want to embed using the content picker, and click embed to automatically add the URL for that lesson into the Embed URL field. Click update to save.
    Schoolbox embed tool

Sharing activities to Schoolbox

  1. Log in to EPt and navigate to (or assign) the desired activity.
  2. Copy the link indicated for Schoolbox in the Details tab of the Task or Assessment.

    task link copy

  3. In Schoolbox, click + > Multimedia > Embed Learning Tool > Education Perfect
         Schoolbox add tool settings
  4. From there, click the cog icon to access the settings. Paste the copied URL in the Embed URL box and change the Heading as desired. Click Update to save.Settings to paste URL

The shareable link for students can be found in the following locations:

  • Tasks & Assessments: In the Details tab.
  • Competitions: In the Details tab.
  • Smart Lessons & Translation Lists: In the Content Library under the More drop-down menu in Browse mode, or in the Details section in Edit mode.

Find out more here.

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