How to assign work from the Content Library

You can assign work for your students directly from the Content tab on Education Perfect.

First, navigate to the Content tab to browse our full Content Library.

How to navigate to the Content tab in the Control Panel

From here, click on your desired subject either by selecting it from the left-hand column, or from the drop-down button at the top of the page.

The option displayed will depend on whether you're in Browse or Edit mode. You can always toggle between the two modes.

Subject side bar and browse mode option

Once you have found a lesson that you wish to assign to your students, click on the lesson, then the Assign button on the side panel. 

If you're in Edit mode, you can also right-click on the item and select the Assign button from there (right-click on a folder to assign everything within that folder).

You can always click Preview to check the content first and then assign it from within the preview screen.

preview button

Once you have clicked Assign, one of two things will happen:

If it's a Smart Lesson or a List: A dialogue will appear prompting you to choose whether to assign the work as a Task or Quiz. You'll also have the option to copy a link that can be shared directly with students.

    Assign dialogue

If it's a Pre-Built Exam: You'll be taken directly to the assign screen, where you can follow the steps to assign the work. Click here for further instructions.

If you find that the assignment options are greyed out, you may be viewing content from the Teacher Community.

You'll need to add this content to your Content Library before you can use it.

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