Allowing blocked third party content on EP

EP partners with various providers to deliver their content within lessons in our platform. If you find that this content is blocked for some reason, you may need to add these external links to your school's allow list.

Permitting external links

Content filtering software used by schools often has an exceptions list, which allows access to links that would otherwise be blocked. This list allows a specific set of URLs to be visited by students, while still enforcing overall restrictions.

Common external providers

Your IT or administration team should be able to grant students access to the listed URLs for you.

CS in Schools A full list of CS in Schools links used on EP can be downloaded here.
YouTube Information on this specific provider including an allow list can be found in our guide here.

Adding items to your school's exceptions list does not impact the security of your content blocking system in any other way, nor does it give EP access to anything else in your school's network. 

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