Content Alignment - Cambridge and IGCSE Curriculum

The Education Perfect content library contains over 20,000 engaging, interactive lessons across a variety of subject areas. This guide explains how our content aligns to the Cambridge Upper Primary, Lower Secondary Curriculum and IGCSE. 

Main subject areas

We offer comprehensive resourcing for the following subjects.

  • English Language: Lower Secondary & Upper Secondary (IGCSE) 
  • English Literature: Lower Secondary & Upper Secondary (IGCSE) 
  • Mathematics: Lower Secondary & Upper Secondary (IGCSE), A Levels
  • Science: Lower Secondary & Upper Secondary (IGCSE) 
  • Modern Foreign Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indonesian: Year 3+, all levels covered
  • ESOL/EAL: Year 3+, CEFR levels A1-B2

IGCSE resources

Developed by leading IGCSE teachers and examiners, we are proud to offer an array of outstanding interactive lessons & exam-preparation resources for IGCSE English Language, English Literature, Science (Co-ordinated (Double) and Triple), Mathematics and Foreign Languages for both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel.

This guide serves to show you what content we already have, and what content is in development. We keep this page updated to reflect the release of any new resources. 

IGCSE English Language and Literature

We offer excellent resources to support teaching and learning of the following courses:

These resources include comprehensive, interactive study guides for many different texts, robust exam preparation lessons and parallel exams.

IGCSE Science: Co-ordinated (Double) and Triple 

Education Perfect Science offers the following IGCSE Science courses:

Edexcel Triple Science-aligned resources are due for release soon.

You can find comprehensive, course-aligned resources for all the courses listed above in your EP Science content library. 

IGCSE Mathematics 

We offer comprehensive resourcing for the following: 

Mathematics teachers can already find fully-aligned resources for both IGCSE courses in their EP Content Library.

IGCSE Foreign Languages

Our French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian and Japanese courses are well-aligned to both the Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Language courses for Foreign Language. 

For each of these languages, we offer lessons linked to the IGCSE prescribed topics, covering all of the core skills required in the exams, including extensive video content for French. 

You can also find specific folders of IGCSE-aligned resources in your EP Languages content library for:



Practice Examinations:


How can I start using EP's IGCSE Resources?

If you already subscribe to one or more of the above subjects, you'll see all existing IGCSE resources in your content library. New resources will be automatically added as they are released, and you'll be able to use them with your students straight away. 

These resources can be used in a multitude of ways, including:  

  • Regular, engaging homework tasks for your IGCSE students 
  • Part of a flipped classroom approach - students can complete knowledge-based tasks on EP, saving your valuable class time for higher-order skills work 
  • Regular starter activities or plenaries (it's easy to assign part of a lesson for this purpose!)
  • Formative assessment: easily collate questions from texts or topics to create an automatically-marked quiz for your students 
  • Summative assessment: take advantage of EP's robust assessment features to set your students a summative test or exam on an IGCSE topic/s of your choice. 

If you do not yet subscribe to one of the subjects, we may be able to offer you complimentary trial access in your IGCSE subject/s of choice. 

Please reach out to our international team at to discuss this. 

I can't see these IGCSE Resources in my Content Library - what should I do?

If you can't find the resources you're looking for, please reach out to your local EP team, who will be more than happy to help. You are always welcome to book a call with your regional consultant - or email us at

A Levels

Supplementary resources

EP also offers some fantastic supplementary resources for the following Cambridge courses:

In addition, all of our resources can easily be edited & customised.

Content can be re-arranged to suit departmental schemes of work and to encourage collaborative planning.  

If you have any questions or feedback about our Cambridge curriculum coverage, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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