EP Content Alignment - American Curriculum

The Education Perfect content library contains over 20,000 engaging, interactive lessons across a variety of subject areas. This guide explains our content coverage for schools offering an American curriculum.

Main Subject Areas 

We offer comprehensive resourcing for the following subjects.

  • Modern Foreign Languages: French/Spanish/German/Japanese/Chinese/Italian/Indonesian/Arabic (Grade 2+, all levels covered) 
  • EAL/ESL (Grade 2+, CEFR levels A1-B2) 
  • Language Arts (Grades 6-10) 
  • Mathematics (Grades 6-10) 
  • Science (Grades 6-10)

Our Language Arts and Math content is USCC Aligned and our Science content is NGSS Aligned.

Our coverage at a glance:

American Curriculum alignment languages

American Curriculum alignment KLA

NB: Colour density in these infographics indicates the amount of content coverage. The darker the colour, the more content we have! 

All of our resources can easily be edited & customized to suit different school contexts. In addition, EP content can easily be rearranged to suit faculty schemes of work and to encourage collaborative planning. To learn more about our content, please don't hesitate to book in a call with one of our experienced Teacher Consultants. 

Supplementary Resources

EP also has some fantastic supplementary resources for the following subject areas:

  • SEL/Wellbeing (Middle School) 
  • Economics/Business Studies (Middle School) 
  • History (Grades 6-7)
  • Geography (Grades 6-7)

If you have any questions or feedback about our content coverage, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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