EP Languages alignment with the Advanced Placement Test

This article shows how EP Languages is able to support the Advanced Placement Test. 

What is EP Languages?

EP Languages is an online language learning platform designed to cover all of the language learning needs a teacher or student may have including: 

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Grammar 
  • Vocabulary

All of our learning material is organised according to levelled topic based units. 

Topic alignment with the Advanced Placement Test: 

Click here for individual language guides which outline how the EP Languages units align to  the Advance Placement Test prescribed topics. 



Across these topic based units, the following skills are covered:

  • Comprehending articles and infographics
  • Interpreting audio and video reports
  • Drawing connections between texts and their larger cultural context
  • Justifying ideas and opinions in writing
  • Analysing articles and charts on environmental issues
  • Listening for connections and meaning in video reports
  • Writing essays to address global issues and suggest solutions
  • Describing data from a table, chart, graph, map, or infographic
  • Conducting an interview
  • Crafting an email reply
  • Participating in an informal conversation
  • Giving a presentation related to family and society
  • Practicing conversational skills through class discussion
  • Understanding and responding to interviews
  • Comprehending verbal instructions
  • Interpreting a range of sources and perspectives around a topic
  • Understanding video interviews
  • Interpreting instructions
  • Crafting an email reply using idioms and expressions
  • Participating in conversations and debates
  • Giving a presentation comparing cultures and quality of life
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