Getting Started with Education Perfect Geography (Australia)

Welcome to Education Perfect Geography (Australia). Whether you're new to Education Perfect Geography, or have been a part of the journey since the beginning, this quick guide will assist you to get started.

Introduction to Education Perfect Geography

The Education Perfect Geography content is a rich library of interactive, motivating and engaging lessons and assessments. Our unique curriculum is designed to facilitate independent learning and develop Geographical knowledge, understanding and skills. The content is aligned to the Australian, New South Wales and Victorian Curricula. The information below will help you to have an overview of our content, unpack our variety of content for your individual context, and provide ideas on the different ways our platform features and content can be implemented in your classroom. 

We have created an online, interactive resource that aligns with the Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus, and Victorian Curriculum. The Geography Content includes:

  • A Geographical Concepts module with multiple lessons based on SPICESS.
  • A comprehensive Geographical Skills module to help build core skills, competencies and understanding of the methods used in Geography.
  • Curriculum-aligned Year 07 Water in the World, Year 07 Place and Liveability, Year 08 Landforms and Landscapes, Y8 Changing Nations, Year 09 Biomes and Food Security, Year 09 Interconnections, Year 10 Environmental Change and Management content and Year 10 Human Wellbeing content.
  • Pre-built topic tests can be used as summative or formative assessments. Use the pre-built topic tests, or make your own quizzes, to pre-test or post-test students. Two assessments, such as a pre-test and a post-test can then be compared to obtain data on individual and cohort growth.
  • To support literacy across the curriculum, we also have an extensive library of interactive spelling activities and glossaries.
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