Education Perfect Languages for primary schools

Education Perfect Languages offers a full course for primary schools seeking to implement a languages course but who don’t have a specialist teacher.

Our Getting started in Languages course is available for the following languages: French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, Indonesian, Italian, and Māori. 

It is suitable for students in year 3 and above and can either be used with students on 1-1 devices or projected on a screen at the front of the class. 

The programme is made up of topic-based units which are broken down into scaffolded blocks for very beginner level learners. It has been designed so that the teacher can learn alongside the students. Our programme models native speaker pronunciation, so that teachers do not need to worry if they don’t feel confident in their own knowledge of the language. 

Here is a video which gives an overview of our programme.

Click here for a lesson by lesson guide which shows you how you can set up your primary languages course using EP Languages. 

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