Education Perfect Science and the VC Syllabus

Education Perfect Science for the VC syllabus is a digital ecosystem designed to magnify the value of a teacher in the classroom, and empower students through an engaging and personalised learning experience.

Designed by teachers and written by our in-house team of science experts, our content covers a wide spectrum of science concepts and key skills. Education Perfect Science offers a variety of vibrant and engaging curriculum-informed content that is tailored to suit your school’s Science programme from upper primary through to senior secondary.

Find over 1000 fully teacher-customisable, syllabus-aligned lessons designed to motivate, engage, and inspire students.

For full details, check out the PDFs below:

  • VC Science Curriculum Map (Y5-10)
  • VCE Physics Curriculum Map (Y11-12)
  • VCE Biology Curriculum Map (Y11-12)
  • VCE Chemistry Curriculum Map (Y11-12)
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