How do I unsubscribe from Education Perfect emails?

Education Perfect will send you emails on Task and Assessment updates, competitions, results, feedback from your teacher and overdue notifications.

Unsubscribe fully 

If you would like to stop receiving our marketing emails, you can reply "unsubscribe" to any marketing email and we will remove you from our mailing list. This will not prevent you from getting task and assessment reminders.

If you would like to remove yourself fully from our emails, including updates and reminders, please get in touch with your teacher and arrange for them to email us using the support email above. As many teachers send students task and assessment related emails, we ask that they email us directly to confirm that your email address should be removed.

Update your email address

If you have another email address you would prefer our emails to be sent to, you are able to update your details by following the instructions in our help guide here

If you have any issues with this process, feel free to get in touch with us at and we would be more than happy to swap out your current email address for another. 

Please remember that once your email address has been removed you are more than welcome to add it back again. It's always handy keeping up to date with your school work without having to physically go into the website.  

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