How do I share content, tasks, assessments and competitions to Google Classroom?

Content can be embedded in Google Classroom by clicking the  Share to Google Classroom button, which you'll find in various places around your Control Panel — or alternatively, by copying a link to a lesson and posting it within Google Classroom itself.

Getting Started

To set up or sign in to Google Classroom, please follow Google's Help Documentation on this topic.

Sharing activities to Google Classroom

  1. Log in to Education Perfect and navigate to the desired content you'd like to share.
  2. Click the Share to Google Classroom button (usually located beside the Student Link) and configure as needed.

Alternatively, you can retrieve the  Student Link for the desired activity and paste it into Google Classroom directly by following the instructions outlined in Google's Help Documentation.

For more information about how to get shareable links, please take a look at our guide on linking content.

What type of activities can I embed?

The following can be shared with your students from within the Control Panel:

  • Tasks & Assessments - from the Get Started tab.
  • Competitions - from the Details tab.
  • Lessons from the Content Library 
    • From the 'More' drop-down menu in Browse mode.
    • Beside the Student Link in the Details tab in Edit mode.

Viewing embedded content in Google Classroom

Once the desired content has been shared, it will appear from the  Stream page in Google Classroom.

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