How do we enable Single Sign On between Education Perfect and our school?

If your school's setup is supported by us, enabling SSO is a straightforward process. 

Our metadata can be found at We'll need the following information:

  • A copy of your metadata 
  • Which unique identifier you'll use to identify users (e.g. a student ID number, email address, etc) for both students and teachers
  • A test student account and a test teacher account that we can use to verify the integration is working.

You can send this information to us at

Please note that we use SHA-1 as our hashing algorithm; you may need to update your configuration to work with this if your authentication server isn't already configured to support it.

Depending on your platform you may need to enable/ give permission to use the Education Perfect App at the global, user group or user level. Please ensure you have done this for all the users you wish to use SSO, including the test accounts you have created, before you send us the above information.

Once we've set up an initial integration, we will need to update all existing accounts with the identifier your server provides us with. Additionally, all future accounts we create will need this identifier to be provided.

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