How can I extend the time limit on my students' assessment attempt?

Extending out an assessment for your students can be useful if unexpected events come up during the assessment or your students need more time than was originally allowed.

Extending the Time Limit for All Students

If the assessment has begun and a student hasn't yet made an attempt, you will not be able to extend the time limit this way. Instead, you can reopen their last attempt.

If every student has already started working on the assessment and it has since closed, you'll need to create a copy of the assessment and have them start again.

If you would like to extend the time limit for all students taking the assessment, you can do so through the green Assessments tab of your Control Panel.

arrow pointing to assessments tab

Click on the Details section of the desired assessment. Scroll down to the Assessment Conditions section, select  Change Conditions and input how much extra time you would like to give your students. Click Save Changes when you are happy with the new time limit.

details section in an assessment

If your students have already started the assessment, you can extend the time limit through the Monitor section of the desired assessment. Select  Extend time limit.

extend time limit button

Choose how much additional time you would like to allow students to have on the assessment. When you are happy with your changes, click  Extend Time.

The additional time that you allow will only be granted to students who have an active attempt. If a student begins their first attempt after you have extended the time limit, they won't be given any additional time.

extend time limit pop-up

Extending the Time Limit for a Specific Student

If you would like to extend the time limit for an individual student, you can do so through the Monitor section of the assessment. First you will need to select the student in the sidebar. After that, select  Extend time limit.

extend time limit button

You will then be prompted to choose how many more extra minutes you would like to allow for your student. Once you are satisfied, click  Extend Time to confirm.

extend time limit pop-up

Reopening an Attempt

If a student has already submitted their attempt, you will still be able to extend the time limit for them. All you need to do is select their name in the sidebar and then  Reopen last attempt.

There can be a short delay once you click the link - give it a few seconds, or even refresh the page!

reopen last attempt button

Once you click  Reopen Attempt the extra time will start counting down. Please make sure that your student is ready to start working when you do this.

reopen closed assessment pop-up

Extending a closed assessment

If you extend the time limit of your assessment after the due date has passed, your students will still not be able to access the assessment. 

view of an assessment through a student account

In order for your students to be able to access their assessment, it will also need to be reopened. You can do so by following the instructions in our article here.

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