Why is Education Perfect Dash unavailable?

Most lists support Education Perfect Dash automatically, but there are a few reasons that an activity isn't able to be played in Dash.

There aren't enough automatically-marked questions

Dash draws on the quick, automatically-marked questions in a translation list or Smart Lesson, including translations, multi-choice, fill-in-the-gaps and short answer questions. If a lesson doesn't have enough questions which can be automatically marked (around 10), Dash won't be available. Translation lists need to have enough questions in a single translation direction (reading, writing, listening or dictation). 

Questions containing videos are also excluded, even if they are automatically marked. 

Some mandatory Smart Lesson sections haven't been assigned 

When creating a task, you can remove sections of a Smart Lesson that you don't want your students to complete. If you exclude any non-optional sections, Dash will not be available because Dash doesn't unlock until all required sections of the lesson have been completed. 

There are no mandatory Smart Lesson sections

Dash only picks questions from the mandatory sections of a Smart Lesson (except for the translation section type, which will be included even if it's an optional section). If all parts of the Smart Lesson are optional, Dash won't be available.

Some Listening or Dictation translation questions don't have sound files

In listening and dictation mode, translations must have a sound file to be available for Dash, otherwise students wouldn't be able to answer the question. When some words are missing sound files, the activity may fall below the minimum number of questions for a Dash. 

Speaking mode is not available in Dash as it is not automatically marked.

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