Where do I find the Education Perfect App?

The Education Perfect App can be found on the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store for free.

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Based in Canada? Our Teacher and Student Apps are currently unavailable in this region.

Student App

Showing the EP student app that can be downloaded from iTunes Store and Google Play

Students need an active Education Perfect account to use our apps. We recommend that your students use the most up-to-date versions of these apps to ensure they have the smoothest possible experience.

If you're unable to install apps on your device, a short-term workaround is to use our touch-friendly website at app.educationperfect.com. Our apps are optimised for a better experience than a mobile browser, so we recommend installing them as soon as possible.

On a smartphone or tablet

If your students are logging in on an iPad or iPhone direct them to the Apple version of the app, available for free in the App Store.

If your students are logging in on an Android phone or tablet direct them to the Android app, available for free on Google Play.

Teacher App

The app is now available for both Apple and Android devices. To access it:

  • iPhone: visit the App Store and search for EP Teacher. Alternatively, find it here.
    • You must be using iOS 14 or above.
  • Android: Visit the Play Store and search for EP Teacher. Alternatively, find it here.
    • You must be using Android 8 (Oreo) or above.

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