Adding classes on EP for Canada

Education Perfect has a dedicated enrolment portal that can create accounts for all of your students, but you can also create and manage classes one by one.

Adding a class

First, navigate to Classes from your dashboard.

Classes tab

Click Create Class. Type your class name, then select the year level and subject area that applies to the class.

Year level drop down menu when creating a class

Search for the class subject in the Subject area field.

If your class has more than one year level and/or subject, select + add to add an additional line.

subject area search box when creating a class

Ensure the academic year is correct, then click Add class.

academic year drop down menu when creating a class

All done! You'll be taken straight to the new class. From here, you can add students one by one or have your students add themselves using a class access code.

Filling in missing class details

As of 2022, EP requires every class to have an associated year level and subject pair. This information allows us to improve our licencing processes, and better understand user requirements. If any of your classes do not already have this information attached, we'll ask you to fill this in.

Our Complete your class details dialogue will appear when you log in. Here, you can easily add the information required.

  • Each class is shown on a tile. Click on the year level to see a list of licenced options for you to assign to the class. Select multiple year levels if required.

Year level drop down

  • Next, select the subject area(s) that apply to your class (if not automatically applied). You will only be able to choose subjects that your school is licenced for.

If you don't currently have access to a subject but would like to discuss a subscription, contact our team and they can assist you.

Subject area drop down

  • Once all classes are filled out, click done to move on.

Done button on popup

Making further changes

Additional changes can be made to class details after they have been filled out. To do this, navigate to the relevant class tile under the Classes tab. Click into the class, and then Settings

settings button in classes profile

Click the pencil icon to make your changes, then Save. 

pencil icon to edit year and subject in class settings

"Null" in a class name

When viewing the Classes tab, you may notice that some classes have Null listed under the Subject column. This means that a year level (and in many cases; subject) has not been set for this class.

Teachers are able to fix this by clicking the Edit button in the column, and filling out the required details when prompted. Alternatively, teachers can click the Add or remove button when viewing a specific class. 

edit button to change subject and level pairs

Our team can bulk assign this information if there are many. Please contact us and our team will action this for you.

If you are unable to access a particular year level and/or subject that you should be licenced for, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist.

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