Getting Started for Canada: Ready for more?

Now that you're familiar with the basics, here are three more ideas for you to try!

Assign work to specific students

You can easily differentiate on EP by assigning work to specific students (or groups of students) instead of an entire class.

Additionally, you can choose to assign different lessons or specific sections of a lesson. This is a great way to introduce key concepts to students without diving too deeply into the topic.

For example, exclude extended response/written answer type questions and only include quiz-style questions.

Provide written feedback

Give feedback to students for any extended response answers they've submitted through the Responses tab of a Task.

Write (or record) your feedback then Send feedback to your student.

They'll see this in their dashboard, where they can review and (if you asked them to) resubmit their answer.

Assign a formative assessment

Using our Assessment tool, you can easily create a formative assessment targeted to the exact curriculum topics you want to cover.

In the Assessments tab, click Assign and choose the Quiz option. Choose which class(es) to include, and set your dates.

In the Select content section, browse the library of Content and choose any number of lessons to create your formative assessment.

This creates a question bank from which you can choose how many questions will be asked.

Use Recommended next steps to automatically assign follow-up work based on student performance. This allows you to easily differentiate and support students with individualised learning pathways.

Toggle this setting off if you'd prefer to assign recommendations yourself!

Choose the remainder of your settings, then assign the quiz for students to complete.

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