How can users report an issue with content?

Our Content Team works diligently to ensure our content is up to date and accurate. If you come across something that's not quite right, teachers can easily flag it and leave feedback for our Content Team to investigate. This article outlines how!

While browsing the Library

Teachers can flag List items directly from Library if required. This applies to any type of list: Fact, Spelling, or Translation/Vocabulary. Learn about the different types of content here.

Once a list has been clicked, a sidebar will appear showing details. While hovering over an item in the list, a small flag button will appear.

Teachers can click this button to specify an issue. Our Content Team monitor this feedback and will investigate and adjust as necessary.

When previewing content in the Library

Teachers can give feedback on all content types while previewing them in the Library

To preview, simply click on a piece of content and click the Preview button. On each question slide, you’ll see a feedback button, or for lists, you’ll be able to access the Flag button for each list item.

flag button for lists when previewing content in content library

While testing Smart Lessons in the Student Zone

Teachers are also able to test content as a student, so they can understand the student experience and ensure content is suitable. Learn how to test content in the Student Zone here.

While doing this, teachers can log feedback for Smart Lessons using the icons on the right hand side of the question slide:

feedback buttons when completing work in the student zone

For List or Exam type content, teachers should log feedback while previewing content in the Library.

Students giving feedback on EP

If students encounter an issue with content on EP, they should reach out to their teacher to submit feedback using the above methods. 

In addition to this, when completing List type content students are able to give a thumbs up or down on individual questions to indicate an issue. This feedback is monitored by our Content Team.

For any questions, please get in touch with our team.

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