2024 NZ Physics and Mathematics Competition (NZPMC)

Education Perfect is proud to be hosting the NZPMC again in 2024! This article contains information about completing the competition assessment on EP.

What is this event?

The NZPMC is a nationwide standardised Physics and Mathematics competition for High School students of all year levels throughout New Zealand.

This event is organised and run by a group of university students across the world, who graduated from New Zealand highschool. We are supported by major institutions across New Zealand, including University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, and New Zealand Mathematics Society. See About NZPMC and Sponsors for more information.

This year, the competition will continue in a two-round format with students individually sitting a test based on the NZQA curriculum. The questions are designed to guide and challenge young Kiwi Scientists to extend their interests in the Physics and Mathematics fields.

Registrations are due on 1st May 2024 via the NZPMC website.

All payments are processed by the NZPMC organisation.

How does it work?

Round 1

This round is an online single-attempt-assessment completed on the EP platform.

The Round 1 assessment must be completed on Saturday 4th May.

The assessment is 1 hour (60 minutes) and contains 40 multi-choice questions. No extra reading time is allowed.

Please note that Round 1 results are released by NZPMC directly - EP does not release (or have access to) the results.

Round 2

This round is hosted in person, and participants will be invited to take part in late July 2024.

This round will be hosted at The University of Auckland for North Island students, or the University of Canterbury for South Island students.

How do students compete?

On the day, students will need to log in to EP using the details they have been given.

Students will be sent a direct link to access the assessment, however, they can also find it once logged in by navigating to the Tasks & Assessments tab.

All participants will have one attempt to complete the 60 minute test, and will be prompted to complete it in Full-Screen mode. The Assessment will be monitored remotely by the NZPMC and EP teams.

Note that Full-Screen mode is not available in Safari browsers. Participants should use another browser (preferably Google Chrome) to log in and access the assessment.

Round 1 Prizes

All Round 1 participants that attempt the assessment will receive a badge from the NZPMC organisation.

The top 3 placements and distinctions will receive certificates from the NZPMC organisation. The margin for achieving distinction will be decided after Round 1 has taken place.

Got a question?

Contact contact@nzpmc.com for enquiries regarding registration, payment and results

Contact support@educationperfect.com for enquiries regarding the Round 1 online Assessment, logging in, or practice materials

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