Education Perfect Languages: International

EP offers an online language learning suite of authentic content that can be used to support many different International curricula including IGCSE and IB.

What's included?

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Indonesian Language subjects are all included, offering:

  • Pre-built lessons, automatically graded quizzes, and competitions.
  • Fully editable and customizable by teachers - upload your own content.
  • Differentiated learning pathways.
  • Powerful progress monitoring and reporting.

Teachers tell us that integrating EP into their teaching practice can save them up to 5 hours per week in planning and grading time. This time can then be spent on other academic support-related tasks, including data-driven planning and 1-1 intervention.

Each Language subject includes an extensive library of resources with up to 1,000 lessons. These ready-made customizable resources are designed by an experienced team of native speakers and experienced Languages teachers.

Our lessons cover:
  • Interpretive communication (listening and reading comprehension + video lessons).
  • Interpersonal communication (writing and speaking).
  • Presentational communication (writing and speaking). 
  • Intercultural communication.

The varying communication types are facilitated through thematic-based units which provide extensive practice of all key skills in authentic contexts. This learning material can be used in many ways to support students’ learning and language proficiency journey. 

Video demonstration of the Education Perfect Languages platform:

Curriculum alignment

Check out our guide to see how the Education Perfect Languages programme aligns with international curriculum requirements.

Education Perfect and Pedagogy

Take a look at this document which explains the various pedagogical principles applied within the Education Perfect platform.

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Using Education Perfect Languages in the classroom

Check out the suggestions below on using these resources in your class:

  • As a full textbook replacement or to supplement a textbook.
  • As a whole class presentational tool.
  • To differentiate and cater to different ability levels within one class.
  • For skills based work - either everyone working at the same time in the platform - or students rotating around different learning stations.
  • As a homework tool.
  • To facilitate a "flipped classroom" environment. 
  • For assessments and automated learning pathways based on assessment results. 
  • To track student progress and provide feedback.
  • For full school, class, and individual student data insights, with timeframe and subject filters available.
  • This guide gives further detail about the different ways it can be implemented. 
  • This YouTube channel also highlights other ways the platform can be implemented. 
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