Education Perfect World Languages Professional Development

Here are some great opportunities for professional development from Education Perfect, all available online for World Languages Teachers. Teachers who complete the webinars and courses will receive certificates of completion. 

Project-based Language Teaching: Engagement via a rich curriculum

In this webinar, Esmeralda Salgado and Joe Dale present a number of project-based learning activities for the Languages classroom.

Motivation and engagement in the MFL classroom: let’s play, let’s speak!

In this webinar, award winning teacher Esmeralda Salgado presents a large number of practical ideas and activities to engage and motivate learners in the Languages classroom.

Best Practices in the World Languages Classroom

In this webinar series, we explore a number of different topics relating to best practices in the World Languages classroom. The team from CASLS  introduce the pedagogy and give lots of practical examples and then show how both the LinguaFolio and Education Perfect platforms can support these best practices. 

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Mastering Language Teaching Essentials 5-Part Series | Equipping Specialists & Non-Specialists for Success

Discover the art of effective language teaching with our immersive 5-part webinar series, designed for both specialists and non-specialists alike.

Each session is dedicated to a crucial aspect of language education, including lesson organization, developing listening and speaking abilities, enriching reading and writing experiences, engaging students with authentic contexts, and exploring assessment strategies.

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Differentiation in the Arabic Classroom

In this webinar, we discuss practical strategies for easy differentiation in the Arabic classroom. 

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How to use the EP Languages platform to support students to succeed in the IB Languages examinations

In this webinar, we share ways that IB Languages teachers can use Education Perfect daily to supercharge their students’ engagement and improve results across speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary.

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Empowering ESL/EAL learners: Accommodating different language abilities across the curriculum

In this webinar, we present a number of ideas for supporting ESL learners across the curriculum.

EP Languages Byte sized webinar series

In this webinar series we offer a number of short webinars focusing on the following topics:

  • How you can use EP to support project based language learning
  • Using EP Languages to prepare for speaking exams
  • Using EP Languages to support with revision for exams
  • Using EP Languages to support ESL learners

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