Welcome to Education Perfect (for parents!)

EP is a powerful teaching and learning tool that your child’s teacher will be integrating into their learning programmes. 

EP has been successfully implemented in over 4,000 leading schools from around the world, with over 1 million students benefiting from access for more than a decade.

EP provides resources to support your child’s learning in the following learning areas:

  • Modern Foreign Languages (including French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and more)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Humanities/Social Sciences (History, Geography, Commerce/Economics)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Digitech and more

Your child may be engaging with EP for one or more of the learning areas listed above, depending on your school’s subscription.

Some of the key benefits of EP include:

  • Thousands of resources your child’s teacher/s can customise and personalise to suit different learning styles and interests. All lessons are engaging, interactive, and based on high-quality pedagogical principles.
  • Assessment features that allow your child’s teacher(s) to understand ‘where your child is at’ in their learning journey.
  • Comprehensive data to assist your child's teacher(s) in tracking engagement and understanding in real-time, allowing them to make full use of lesson time and fully support your child’s learning.
  • Personalised learning pathways to ensure your child is given appropriate support when they need it. 
  • Easy access through the free Education Perfect student App (available for Android and iOS) and Teacher App.

How can EP be used to support your child's learning?

Every school will implement EP in a manner that best suits their wider pedagogical approach. EP provides teachers with the flexibility to respond to individual school plans, and the needs of individual teachers, students and parents.  

Here are just a few of the ways your child’s teacher may use EP:

  • As homework to maximise the impact of face-to-face lesson time. Teachers can assign EP lessons that give students the foundation they need to complete higher-level response tasks in class time. The data from these homework lessons can assist the teacher in effectively informing the next lesson planning and differentiation strategies, ensuring your child is supported and ready to learn.
  • As homework to consolidate in-class learning and to support or extend students as appropriate.
  • For revision or refreshing of core skills: EP may be used to assist your child in mastering vocabulary in Languages, grammar in English, number facts in Maths, topic-based spelling & vocabulary lists in Science and so much more. 
  • As a front-of-class presentation and discussion, or as part of a small group activity.
  • For formative knowledge checks to ensure your child’s learning is on track and to personalise your child’s learning journey.

We look forward to seeing your child thrive on EP!

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