Education Perfect x Matterworks: Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing AUS

Education Perfect and Matterworks are proud to launch Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing, a high-quality evidence-based program for students and teachers based in Australia.

What is Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing?

Decode for students is a cutting-edge video series focused on mental health and wellbeing.

  • Available for students from Year 5 to Year 10 across Australia, each lesson is fully curriculum-aligned and presented in an entertaining and engaging format with relatable, real-life stories that illustrate mental health concerns and provide actionable learning outcomes.
  • Hosted by dynamic content creator and TikTok sensation, JasmineTXO, each episode contains energetic explanations, honest interviews, and fun-filled games related to mental health. Jasmine is joined by some of Australia’s most inspiring and engaging content creators, sports people, and change-makers. 

Decode for teachers is a professional development programme that provides teachers with the tools to help manage student mental health and wellbeing. While the student and teacher courses are independent, they are available together as a package.

Read on to learn more about both courses, or register your interest here and we'll be in touch.

You can also check out this information pack for more detailed information about Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing. 

The Partnership

  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (Murdoch Children's) is the largest child health research institute in Australia and one of the top three worldwide for research quality and impact. There are 1200 researchers dedicated to making discoveries to prevent and treat childhood conditions.
  • Matterworks is a social edutainment studio dedicated to translating life-changing health research into content that educates and empowers young people, families, and educators.
  • Education Perfect (EP) is a complete online teaching and learning solution that offers customisable content, adaptive learning programmes, data analytics, and comprehensive insights on student learning, progress, and achievement. 

How have three organisations collaborated to create Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Murdoch Children's has provided evidence-backed research and medical credibility.
  • Matterworks creates engaging, digestible and relatable video content from that research.
  • EP transforms video resources and research into engaging, holistic, and progressive lessons. 

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Decode for students

Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing content is available for students in Years 5-10.

Content overview

Each year-level package includes two topics, each including the following:

  • 16 Lessons
  • Supporting videos
  • 1x Teacher Guide (implementation)
  • Digital Course Certificate

Each individual topic includes: 

  • 8x lessons 
  • Supporting Videos 
Product Topic Lessons
Junior Level 1 What is mental health?
Eight lessons
Inside the brain Eight lessons
Junior Level 2 Emotions and feelings Eight lessons
Who’s on my team? Eight lessons
Secondary Level 1 Decoding mental health Eight lessons
Mind matters Eight lessons
Secondary Level 2 All the feels Eight lessons
Who’s my crew? Eight lessons

Note that these resources have been named Junior Level 1 through to Secondary Level 2 in your Content Library.

Each course builds on the previous year's learning. The topics covered in Junior Level 1 and 2 are repeated in Secondary Level 1 and 2, to be age appropriate with the latter going into greater depth. 

Topic 1: What is Mental Health?

Purpose: To build an understanding of mental health, establish consistent language to describe and talk about mental health, understand mental/emotional and substance/external factors and break down misconceptions and myths.

Topic 2: Inside the Brain

Purpose: To understand how the brain develops, especially during puberty, how this impacts our health and wellbeing, including our relationship with others, and how to build a healthy brain.

Topic 3: Emotions & Feelings

Purpose: To understand emotions, what and why we feel, positive and negative emotions and how to express these, how to manage emotions including stress and build resilience to help move past adversity.

Topic 4: Who’s On My Team?

Purpose: To understand how others can influence our wellbeing and mental health, including our communities and culture, the importance of building positive relationships and ensuring we create and have safe spaces to discuss sensitive and challenging topics.

How can I explore the Decode for student resources?

Register your interest and our friendly team will be in touch to set you up with access to our sample lessons.

They'll be happy to walk you through these and suggest ways of implementing the full courses in your school. 

How can I implement Decode in the classroom?

  • All resources are on the EP platform and are accessible from any device (phone, tablet, laptop). 
  • We recommend offering a Decode lesson weekly, over two terms - but this is really up to you. The course is designed to be flexible. We have created in-depth implementation guides with suggestions on how to facilitate this programme. 
  • Comprehensive teacher guides are provided with recommended teaching plans, lesson guidelines and curriculum alignments, supporting teachers to assign each lesson to their students as they progress through the course. 

Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing for teachers

Decode for teachers is a supporting professional development course that is offered alongside our student resource. This course is designed to educate teachers about mental health and wellbeing concepts, enabling them to support students with their mental health and wellbeing.

Content overview

There are six topics in the Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing for teachers' series, including the four key topics from the student course and two bonus topics including Gender identity and sexuality. Each topic takes 30-45 minutes, and teachers will have one year to complete the course. 

Each Topic Includes: 

  • 1 x 15 Minute Podcast
  • 1 x Lesson
  • 1x formative assessment
  • 30 - 45 Mins of Learning Time

Each topic is centred around an engaging Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing podcast discussion hosted by Walkley Award-winning journalist and presenter Mon Schafter. Mon is joined by Professor Harriet Hiscock, who is a researcher and paediatrician from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. 

Together, they tackle the burning issues relating to mental health in children, work through classroom-based mental health hypotheticals, and hear from some of Australia’s most inspiring and diverse young minds to gain invaluable insight into how to foster positive mental health in students.

Lesson Overview
What is Mental Health In this lesson, you will learn about various aspects of mental health for your students and yourself. The lesson looks at the science of mental health, information on what 'good' mental health looks like, and tips to help spot the signs and signals of mental health issues. This lesson works in conjunction with the podcast episode, which explores the same topics.
Inside the Brain In this lesson, you will explore the changing child and adolescent brain and how this development influences thinking, emotions and behaviour in young people. This lesson works in conjunction with a podcast that explores this topic and the effects of environmental factors and habits like sleep, diet, exercise and social media on the brain.
Emotions This lesson explores child and adolescent emotions and feelings and how they relate to development and mental health. The lesson and podcast unpack child and adolescent emotions and feelings, breaking down the causes and effects of feeling strong emotions.
Emotions + Teacher Wellbeing This lesson is designed to further explore the content covered in a part two podcast episode on emotions and feelings, focusing specifically on resilience, empathy and self-regulation. It will also look at how to support your own mental health, well-being and self-care.
Who's on my Team? This topic explores how relationships play into young people's development, sense of self and mental health. The lesson and podcast focus on people and places of belonging, peer influence and cyberbullying.
Gender Identity In this lesson, you will learn about gender identity and how to facilitate a safe, affirming environment. The lesson and podcast break down gender identity and provide guidance on terminology and supportive strategies.

What is the time requirement? 

  • This course is asynchronous. You can complete it whenever and wherever suits - you'll just need a stable internet connection and somewhere quiet to focus.
  • You have up to 12 months after registering to complete the course. 
  • You can complete Decode for teachers at the same time as you're delivering the student course - or complete them independent of each other.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! On course completion, teachers will be provided with a Digital Certificate with AITSL Standards. 


How do I log in?

The Decode for Teachers PD course is set up in a specific Decode for Teachers PD School. You will have been sent a student login for this course. 

Please note that this is different to your EP Teacher Account login! You'll need to log out of your Teacher Account so that you can log in with your Decode Student account.

Once you have logged into the PD course, you will find the teacher PD under the Cross-curricular subject.

Clicking into the cross-curricular subject

clicking into the decode for teachers taskdecode for teachers task to complete

If you have any issues accessing the course, please contact us.

How do I get other teachers in the school signed up?

It's easy to get other teachers in your school signed up for this great PD. Send them this link to register interest and our team will be in touch.

If your school has already purchased Decode for Teachers but your other colleagues haven't yet received an account, make sure they fill out this form fill out this form.

Note that you will only be sent a login if you have signed up for the course through one of our friendly team members.

I've finished the course, what do I do?

Our team are regularly checking the Decode for Teachers courses, however, if you have finished and you would like to get that certificate right away, please contact us.

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